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Blogs are a simple way to create your own regularly updated homepage on BigChurch. They're a great way to find out more about other members and to tell people more about yourself and your real life experiences or start your own!

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Saved by Grace or what......? 254 Feb 21 8:43 am
jesus' transfiguration III (per moody radio open line) 647 Feb 19 11:53 am
new matches? 1100 Feb 17 12:03 pm
the transfiguration of jesus PART II 1460 Feb 15 8:33 am
Corsair Flash Voyager GS 512GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive 2045 Feb 13 6:06 pm
My Blog
by  may7749    35F
My hometown 3585 Feb 3 10:21 pm
Ezekiel 4674 Feb 3 8:16 am
be nice 9058 Jan 27 9:42 am
Cisgender? 7753 Jan 25 3:11 pm

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My Blog
by  may7749    35F
My hometown 3586 2/19
new matches? 1103 2/22
Saved by Grace or what......? 256 2/21

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