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First date experiences   3/4/2011

i wanna collect members experience in first date.was it online dating or real dating?how it was, and how we should act?what we should say.and did it work 4 u or not.if not why.

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terryaki 56 M
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Gifts on the first date?   20/2/2007

I went out with one woman, who was upset that I did not get her an expensive gift, on the first date. I have head, from some self proclaimed, experts that the first date gift is a bad idea. I have also heard, from some women, that this is a good idea. Is it a good idea to bring a gift on the first date, if so, should it be an expensive gift? Should the guy always pay for the date?

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terryaki 56 M
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Bad First Dates   4/9/2006

I thought that I had my share of bad first dates, until a woman told me what bad dates were like, for her. She told me that she had to worry about being attacted, or even droped off at the side of the road, at night, in a bad area. She told me that she always took cab fare for the ride home. It made me realize, that my "bad dates" were NOT that bad. I also realized that this is ...

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terryaki 56 M
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Have you seen the movie "Fifty First Dates"?   4/9/2006

In this movie, every day, the relationship was new! At the start of each day, the woman would forget what happened the day before, so she had to live the same day over again each day. Noone took the other person forgranted. Can couples, work together to improve their relatonships, without growing to take the other person forgranted? There are so many gifts, from God, that I ...

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ruth4vs11 40 F
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I believe that "being comfortable" is the most important factor in making your first date successful... for instance... it might sound odd..but my favrite memory of any dinner date ... was my first date with my best friend. His parents insisted i come to their home and have dinner with them and their son. I could not refuse. When i got there i was extremely ...

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niecer 41 F
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I loath them...   7/1/2006

I really don't enjoy first dates. There's so much pressure. I think that I go into them so nervous that it usually sabotages the whole thing. What do some of you do to make first dates more comfortable?

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Banjoblues 57 F
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How?   29/11/2005

I have asked myself a million times, how do you get back out there in the world. I think that perhaps I am lost among the old way, and the new. I will not go to a bar, and I am not going to a movie, unless it is rated corrrectly. I just don't think, it is as easy as people make it out. I was married 16 years to the a wonderful man. DATE, how.....I go to church, and the only men there are ...

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Caring1964 48 F
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Trust   28/10/2005

In order to build a relationship you need to have trust between both of you. It can't be a oneside thing. I try and build trust between the male and myself and if it isn't there then I move on to find someone who I can trust and who feels the same. It's hard and I feel myself get let down alot.

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manofchassc 43 M
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Don't kiss on the first date.   8/7/2005

For those in here who are new to the dating scene, let me offer a word of advice. Never kiss on the first date. The main reason: you or the person you may kiss may ask to speed up the relationship a lot faster than necessary. A hug would be sufficient, and you can decide from there whether or not to go out again with that person. Think about that.

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ZachariahFRG 39 M
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Why does God falter?!   29/5/2005

I am usually not referred to as having ants in my pants and i stayed predominantly calm over the years, waiting for Mrs. Right. (There were several panic attacks, but it eased off pretty fast most of the times). <br> After some years of thinking that i am simply not grown up, responsible or holy enough to have a serious relationship, i know today that i will never be a "perfect" ...

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ZachariahFRG 39 M
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Hello USA, ve got a question...   28/5/2005

I am from Germany and i heard "things". Well, i heard that theres a "silent" dating rule common in the US: << If you dont sleep with each other after the 3rd date, forget about a relationship.>> <br> Is that true? hey, i know that exceptions prove the rule... and surely i know that this has got nothing to do with christian way of life. <br> no offence meant, ...

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Angelhart1953 55 F
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Any suggestions for dateing after being widowed   8/1/2005

This whole dateing game really scares me. Since it has been at least 20 years since I last was 'on the scean' and boy have things changed!. <br> I was widowed in September 99 after fifteen wonderful years of mariage. One thing my husband made me promise him however was that I would not remain alone. <br> I now feel that I am ready to start exploring the posabilities ...

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terryaki 56 M
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Great idea for a first date!   14/8/2004

For the first date, you just want to find out if you have some chemistry. A simple way to do this, is to meet at a public book store, where they have a coffee shop. You invite him, or her, out for coffee, or tea.

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ProdigalKnight 38 M
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How should I ask a lady out on my 1st date ever? I am 30.   22/7/2004

I am in a very different situation than most of the men in the world today. I have recently turned thirty and have not had a date since I went to my seventh grade dance. At that age going to a dance with a girl was only because I needed a partner to dance, which now I need a lady for a long-term "indefinite" relationship(Marriage). I would like to court the King Arthur way but have not ...

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