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Articles by brataylor

brataylor 38 M
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how can weoman deal with it?   5/5/2007

How can women deal with a break up? If you have read my two previous articles you will learn that in my first one I have argued that women find it hard to deal with a break. In my second one I have gi

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brataylor 38 M
5  Articles
why do women take it hard?   5/5/2007

Why do woman take it hard? It has become aparent to me that a lot of woman find it dificult to deal with a break up.

If one may look at the statistics one discovers that there more w

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brataylor 38 M
5  Articles
women find it hard man find it easy!!?   10/9/2006

It has always puzzled me that women are always the ones who hurt the most when it comes to breaking up.
my question is: why is it so? why do women find it hard to let go of a relationship

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brataylor 38 M
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A Long Lasting relationship   7/26/2006

The is a growing number of relationships which fail.
This is the case in the world and within the church.
We know this to be true becoz the divorce rate is on the rise.

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brataylor 38 M
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christianity and culture   7/22/2006

The Gospel of the Lord Jesus has been communicated to different cultures.
The question is: does becoming a christian mean that people lose their cultural identities?
What happens t

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